A 420 Fairy-Tale Wedding – Couple Gets Married in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are not only a place where you can buy life-saving medicine; they’re also places where you can create life-long memories.


Early this month, Cape Coral Dispensary was the site of a 429-friendly nuptial. But more importantly, it’s where Jason Cole and Jerica Godwin have frequented for their medications and have decided to make the location for the biggest day of their lives.


Jason, 44, has just gotten out of a year of cancer treatments when they met. In fact, he’s already cancer-free for 5 years now, following a battle with colorectal cancer. Cole’s striking blue eyes attracted Godwin, while he fell in love with her compassionate personality and her passion for taking care of animals. The pair even have a dog and cat together. “He’s like, old school hippie, really laid back, awesome,” says Godwin. “We have the same sense of humor, so we both get each other on that.”


Traditional treatments sent him to the hospital for months at a time, and as we know, these types of cancer treatments aren’t always the most effective (or comfortable).


Jason eventually turned to cannabis concentrates which helped him manage the pain. Soon enough, his doctors saw significant improvements – which they didn’t observe in other patients who didn’t use cannabis.


If not for the cannabis, Jason thinks he wouldn’t be here today. “I knew what I needed to do. I really believed in the cannabis to help me,” Cole told USA Today. “Thank God I’m still here.”


Meanwhile, Jerica has also been a medical cannabis patient. The couple frequent the Columbia Care Cape Coral Dispensary for their medications, where they have forged a friendship with the compassionate staff. Being their favorite dispensary, there was no question this was the only place they could think of tying the knot. “We really like the location that we’re doing it at, because the products are nice, the people are really nice,” says Cole. “They’re truly compassionate.”


Cole and Godwin originally planned their wedding for 4/20, but because of COVID-19, they were forced to reschedule. They chose July 10 (7/10), a cannabis holiday because if you flipped the words upside down, you’ll see the word OIL. They approached the dispensary in February to talk to them about the possibility of having their wedding there, and the dispensary staff couldn’t be happier about helping them.


According to Arnetra Shettleworth, Columbia Care’s VP of operations, the ceremony went smooth. “It was so nice to see patients and the wedding party,” she told Cape Coral Breeze. “Folks driving by were so curious about what was going on. The couple was very happy with the ceremony.” The dispensary has been open since last November and it was their first wedding.


“Helping those who have multiple types of disease and managing them through cannabis, having one of the most important days of his life in a place that has been so important to him – we absolutely said yes,” Shettleworth shares.


The intimate wedding only included some 25 close friends and family. Featuring a theme of cannabis and sunflowers, it was a day all attendees would never forget.



Columbia Care Dispensary is located at 2126 Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral.








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