The Ultimate Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the last gift guide in this week’s holiday gift guide series and today we’re talking about the youngest members on your shopping list. The good news about shopping for kids, is that you can’t really go wrong unless you get them something that reminds them of their least favorite school subject. Or maybe a turtleneck. I don’t think kiddos get that jazzed about turtlenecks. If your kids are anything like mine, it’s not too hard to entertain them. Hubby and I bought a new TV a while back and London and Rio spent hours out in the backyard playing with the box. Those little imaginations can work magic with minimal material. It’s quite impressive really. Without further ado, let’s jump into some toys, games, and other doodads that will help guide you in gift shopping for the kids on your list.

Gifts For All Kids

London’s Picks

Race Car Rio’s Picks

Stocking Stuffers

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