Easy Ways to Embrace Transformation In The New Year

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program, everyone. I’m back in the (home) office this week after a much needed break for the holidays. I always feel extra inspired in January to kick off the year on a high note, and although I don’t subscribe to the idea of making resolutions, I am a proponent of constant self improvement. Regardless of your philosophy on the whole “New Year, New Me” concept, there’s never a better time to institute change than right this minute. So if you’re reading this, here are some easy ways to embrace transformation in the New Year and start living a richer life on a dime.

Create a Powerful Morning Routine

John Maxwell said, “the secret to your success lies in your daily routine,” and I couldn’t agree more. However, when you have kids and a career to balance, your day can get hijacked and warped by competing obligations such as say, three year olds with tummy aches, quite often. That’s why I’m a big believer in the power of mornings and in getting things done before the world rushes in. There’s no better way to set up your day for success than by creating a powerful morning routine. Mine always includes a 20 minute meditation, some gratitude journaling, visualizations and of course, a workout. Read more about successful morning routines here.

Commit To Learning One New Skill

Fire up some new brain cells and shift your identity by learning something new this year. It’s easy for us to get stuck in our ways, but when we do the same thing day in and day out, there’s no room for growth. January is the perfect time to enroll in an online course or start studying something just for fun. I’m personally interested in learning some new video editing techniques so I can create cooler videos for you guys, but I love the idea of honing a skill outside of your line of work. Why not set aside some time each week to study German, watch an art history lecture, or take a graphic design class just for fun?

Upgrade Your Environment

Your environment can have a big impact on your mood and even the way you live your life. Have you ever had to move and clean up your home or apartment, only to wonder why the heck you never made those improvements for your own self to enjoy? After deep cleaning, getting new cabinet knobs, or shampooing the carpet, you’re like, “damn now I don’t want to leave.” Take this opportunity to look around your living space and make it a more pleasant place to be. Whether that means getting new linens, hanging up some inspirational wall art, or just cleaning and tidying up is up to you. I’ve got some decor tips in this post here!

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Your personal appearance can also play a big part in how you show up in life and interact with others. The New Year is a great time to visualize what type of life you want to lead and leave behind everything that isn’t aligned with your vision. It may sound silly, but your clothes can really reinforce your identity. Go through your wardrobe and decide what makes you feel confident, sexy, powerful or happy, and keep those items. Everything else can go. If you have room in your budget, use this time to get some new threads that make you feel good about yourself and propel you towards the identity you want to reinforce. You deserve it.

Try a New Hairstyle

Okay so this isn’t necessarily going to change anything in your life, but it’s a fun and symbolic way to transform and step into a new version of yourself. I recently dyed my hair dark brown and I immediately felt like I was turning the page on 2020 (and don’t we all need to?). Treat yourself to a fresh new do, color, highlights or hairstyle that you’ve been curious about trying out.

Read A Personal Development Book

Reading a personal development book can trigger some new ideas and help you embrace alternative ways of thinking. Reading alone is the easiest way to go on a journey and learn new things without spending much money or leaving your home. I’ve written posts about some great books for entrepreneurs here along with law of attraction books that can totally change your life.

Give Back

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest that mentioned structuring your month in a certain way with weekends dedicated to different pursuits and priorities. Among the activities it mentioned was one Saturday breakfast with friends and one Saturday spent volunteering. I think those are both great ideas, but I especially love the idea of setting aside one day each month to volunteer and give back in some way. Ironically, when we give of ourselves we remember how much we truly have and feel the power of the human spirit. This one idea alone can lead to a big shift in your perspective.


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